The Lacuna of Memory – Lacunar Amnesia

A lacuna is an unfilled space or also known as a gap. An interpretation of a lacuna I think is interesting lacunar amnesia. Amnesia is to be defined as a “pathologic impairment of memory” this is resulted from injuries, disease and/or alcoholism which results into a physical damage to areas of the brain. Other causes of amnesia include physiological shock or a painful situation too hard to accept. I find amnesia interesting in itself as it is resulted from a physical or psychological incident that causes the victim to forget the incident or cannot remember the events before or after the incident. There are numerous types of amnesia that can be caused from these incidents and the one that I find most interesting is the lacunar amnesia, which is a partial loss of memory causing gaps between the memory and unable to recall back. ([Medicial Dictionary], [Year unknown]) Lacunar amnesia occurs in the brain by creating a lacuna within the cortex of the brain (centre of the brain) that records memories and it results into a brain damage to the limbic system which controls the emotions and memories. ([Wikipedia], [2017]) It is an isolation of memory loss within the human brain. ([Home-cure], [year unknown])

Lacunar amnesia is interesting to me as humans go through terrible incidents and horrible acts each day and occasionally the brain can go through a trauma so bad that it does not process it normally but it would rather to pretend the incident never occurred. This particular lacuna grabs me because these individuals who suffer through this traumatic event, can block it out and go on with their day-to-day life with a gap in their memory they cannot recall rather than suffer other disorders such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other stress related disorders. I would also find it quite frustrating as I myself get quite irritated when I cannot remember a specific memory for a short period of time.

Lacunar Amnesia also occurs in academics when are confronted by gaps within their evidence or the knowledge when studying which weakens their knowledge. This is fascinating as that they have not suffered through a traumatic event in their life to cause Lacunar Amnesia but rather a psychological effect where they are not comfortable with the gap in their evidence and knowledge. ([Bay], [2014])

Lacuna is everywhere around us whether we see it or not, but this particular interpretation of lacuna within the human body is interesting as it is caused through brain trying to protect an individual from distressing events and suffering but in reality it is creating gaps their memories and aims to forget it happened.

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One thought on “The Lacuna of Memory – Lacunar Amnesia

  1. ella says:

    Selin, excellent work! There are various cinematic tropes that engage with this also, like The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and Memento. Excellent resources. As a side note I’d love your group to come up with a design where you could all easily read each other’s writing to channel and group ideas collectively.


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