La Jatée Review – Mundane Monday

La Jetée is a 28-minute science fiction film set in a post-apocalyptic world about time-travel. The film is entirely made from black and white still frames with a narrator audio in the back. The film begins with destroyed buildings to set the scene but due to the still frames it became quite slow and harder to understand. Due to this slow initial beginning, I found it quite difficult to concentrate as my mind was asking many questions and getting bored quite easily. The film introduces characters but not in-depth except for the protagonist whom is an unknown man, which we find out, is an experiment for a time travel project.

 Initially I was quite confused and distracted by the film technique of the still frames and a narrator and lengthy plot-line but slowly adapted to it. Gradually I found my attention span towards to movie improving and asking myself questions and wanting to know answering to it captivated me. Despite being a short film, the story was quite long and very hard to understand, as today films are created straight to the point and easier to understand. I find my generation much more lazier and interested in films, books and other activities that are explained to them rather than figuring out for themselves. A study from Microsoft Corp, has found that people now a days lost concentration after 8 seconds due to the digitised lifestyle with social media, computers and mobile phones. (McSpadden, 2015) Despite the struggles to concentrate and not be able to stare at my phone, I found the film yet to be quite captivating as it went along and I started to understand it much better through figuring it out myself rather than being explained to.

Our groups’ montage work ‘Mundane Monday’ was inspired by lyrics of the song Avant Gardener by Courtney Barnett. The lyrics that had grabbed us the most and found it easy to work with “I sleep in late, another day, oh what a wonder, oh what a waste. It’s a Monday, it’s so mundane”. Through this we combined sleeping and gardening in the similar technique of La Jetée with still frames. Placing the song in the back of the montage of images, worked much like a narrator as the lyrics were clear and combing with the imagery, it spoke within itself for the audience. Due to the circumstances of time, there were a slight rush within the imagery and the production of the work that would’ve worked much better if we were not restricted by time.

McSpadden, K. 2015, Science – You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish, Time, 14 May 2015, viewed March 26 2017, <>.


One thought on “La Jatée Review – Mundane Monday

  1. ella says:

    A great start, it needs a proof read though and perhaps a little more consideration of the semantics of the film and why montage is a useful moving image tool.


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