Video Project Concept

My concept is drawn from the lacuna I wrote about for my first blog post. Exploring blindness through film could open a lot of doors for interesting abstract cinematography. Some ways we could potentially work with this idea would be to work closely with audio and audio editing, then explore how the sounds we create could potentially be interpreted in ways other than those who can see would interpret it. We would have to experience the objects we create noises with without our own sight and gain a new perspective to create interesting imagery.

An example of a way sound can be portrayed as patterns – a possible way we could create imagery:

A potential option we have could be to work with synesthesia, for example the kind where sound appears as colour, and create imagery where we interpret sound in the form of abstract colour – possibly even as a projection.

Another way we could interpret the concept would be to create images that combine frozen frame with moving elements – in the style of a cinemagraph. The elements that move could be the ones that have the dominant sound, the rest frozen and eventually fading away. If we edited this with interesting image composition and creative cutting it could be really interesting.



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3 thoughts on “Video Project Concept

  1. Aaron Patterson says:

    I think this concept is great and will allow the opportunity to be highly experimental! The idea of generating a response without our own sight would definitely be a fantastic way to achieve this. Have you thought about how you could create these sounds? It could be really interesting to record sounds we hear every day and manipulate/combine these to go with the accompanying visuals.


  2. Selin says:

    I think this concept is awesome Zoe! I love the idea of using other senses. It reminds me of an album of Rihanna’s called ANTI and she used the patterned dots for people who are blind but can feel the image and create their own perspective and visualisation. I love the abstract visuals using the colours as we can see colours especially when closing our eyes. I think it would be harder for the audience to feel and sense blindness with the patterned experimentation unless it is combined with sound maybe? The examples you showed of the frozen frames with moving elements are one of my favourites. I believe this would work so well and using sounds with that particular moving element. I think even it going into black and putting certain sounds would be awesome too, using other senses as well.


  3. Emily says:

    This is a great idea Zoe! We’ll have to brainstorm some ideas on how to imagine these sounds. To maintain the interest of the audience, we would have to create something that is rich in sound and the representation of sound. I did like the example of sound imagery in the video clip, ‘What’s it like to hear colours?’. In the Marvel film ‘Daredevil’, the protagonist is blinded by a radioactive chemical. This exposure heightens his other senses, giving him a ‘radar sense’ which allows him to imagine everything around him judging by the way the sound carries through his surrounds. This is an interesting notion. Here is an interesting video that explains what I’m referring to:


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