Concept for Video

Lacunar Amnesia is a lacuna that I was drawn to for the concept of our group work. Memories create who a human is individually and who they become in the future. The idea that the brain is able to remove a particular memory due to trauma, creating a gap in the cortex, is very interesting to me as memories trigger certain emotions and senses.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry) and Memento (Christopher Nolan) are films that follow lacunar amnesia and memory loss of a certain event in general. These films are also an influence on my concept of looking at how the brain can protect itself so it does not suffer pain or trauma in the future.

Using projection sculpture with shapes, colours and sounds in our videos could help depict a person suffering an accident and how their brain is coping through it. I thought we could follow the recovery process of the brain and the aim to remove the memory by using blurs and silence.

I also thought using a projection of videos and photographs is a way to depict the memories as people always refer back to photographs to recall their memories. I was intrigued by the videos below with repetition and graphics that mirror and layer over each other. With this technique and using projection as people used to view their photos,  we could use abstract visuals of the past to a darker and gloomier visual illustrating the visuals to a blank, blurry screen, and silent background and onto the future where it would be abstract visuals, showing the process of the memory of a person suffering lacuna amnesia.




Focus Features. 2004, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, trailer, Youtube, viewed 11 April 2017, <>

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Simon Clowes, 2015, Iridescence – A Visual Journal of an Ephemeral Existence, short film, Vimeo, viewed 11 April 2017, <>

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The Abstract Citizen, 2010, The Abstract Citizen Corporation – Messy Brain (Live @ Blevédère Namur), Youtube, viewed 11 April 2017, <>


One thought on “Concept for Video

  1. Zoe says:

    You have really awesome examples Selin!! I reckon some of these techniques would be great to use for whatever idea we go for! Especially if we’re leaning towards Emily’s idea with the creepiness because the overlaying and like duplicating of frames actually creates a really weird and creepy vibe.


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