Idea for a short film

My idea for task 2 is to compose a motion picture clip that is cyclical. It would take place at midnight – the ambiguous period between one day and another, night and morning – and each cycle would play for a minute before returning to the beginning, or rather, the next night. In every cycle, something slightly different happens and these alterations create unpredictability and build suspense and uncertainty within the viewer. The location should be strange, spooky and unrecognisable. I don’t think anything should ‘happen’ to conclude the film. The climax should lead to nothing. The purpose of the film would be to drive the viewer’s emotions for the duration of the piece. Perhaps a narrator could speak over the visuals, relating scary tales of paranormal activity. This will be unrelated to the visuals just as scary stories are often told in an unmatched context.

Perhaps the objects in the space could speak in visuals to show the tale of the space. Projection mapping would make this possible. The composition could be made entirely of still images to amplify the suspense. The dramatic jump from one scene to the next could spike terror and heighten the unpredictability. The narration would allow the audience to draw their own associations with the story and images.

An example of a film in which shots are cut and repeated is the film clip for ‘Fall Underneath’ by Snakadaktal. This film clip does not have a definitive ending. Suspense is not built as I would like to build suspense and the cuts are too short but it is a good example.

Below are some screen grabs from ‘Paranormal Activity’ by Oren Peli in 2007. They are shots of mundane scenes but the lighting, awkward camera angles and silence make the viewer anticipate more from the shot.



Snakadaktal 2013, Fall Underneath, music video, YouTube, viewed 14 March 2017, <>.

Paranormal Activity 2007, video recordings Paramount Pictures, United States.

One thought on “Idea for a short film

  1. Zoe says:

    I really like the idea of going for something that has a creepy element to it, because I think that could give us heaps of room to brainstorm and could also be open to using a lot of different techniques. I’d say it would be a good starting point for us to decide on whether we wanted to focus on the witching hour or midnight but judging from feedback I reckon it would be best to go with your idea of midnight and the moment between two days!

    To make it creepy we should totally look into how funny could translate into something that is actually haunting. I’m still super keen on the idea we talked about ; adding an awkwardness element as our funny/creepy base to the midnight idea might be really bangin


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