Some notes & research – Week 5

Considering our group’s busy schedules, we decided to use our time more effectively by doing a bunch of brain storming individually and collaborating that into a google doc. This meant that, when we did have the time to meet up, we could all share our ideas and decide as a group what we preferred and would want to work on.

For this, I pitched the technique of using a style similar to a cinemagraph to create tension. The cinemagraph technique of freezing everything on screen except for a certain element would work well to create scenes that have an awkward tension to them. If we use this effectively it could have the potential to make the audience uncomfortable and heighten the spooky element of our film.” – from the doc. 

I also had the idea of awkwardness as a way we could potentially convey a spooky theme, because at this point we’d all agreed that we wanted our video to be kind of creepy. The concept behind that was based on feedback we received in class – that often when something tries to be funny it can come across as scary if the setting and tension is built right. There’s always something uncomfortable about something that looks or feels incredibly awkward, but there’s a funniness to it as well, which I thought could be a very good combination for creating the vibe we’d discussed as a group that we wanted to convey.

When looking at other info people in the group had written into the doc, I pitched this potential concept: “The concept of how, in the moment between today and tomorrow, the lines between rational and irrational thought are blurred” and developed that into this rebrief question: “Create an interpretive film that explores one’s consciousness fluctuating between rational and irrational thought. Think of how you could explore this through a certain framework”




LACUNA PRES < Pitch power point, from when we presented to the class.

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