Update on filming planning


Challenges with concept

  • Not being able to find enough people to participate in our original performance art concept
  • Having some of our footage failing due to filming complications and having to rethink what we were presenting – plus having to deal with losing a lot of our footage because it was redundant to the theme and not having enough time to reshoot on location


  • Ditched the idea of the performance art piece with a lot of diggers. Decided just to film us doing it instead – essentially we’d be ditching the weird possessed style happening and switching to a more intimate spooky realness of digging a grave or some kind of hole.
  • That idea failed as we really didn’t make it feel real. Outfits weren’t planned and issues with filming meant we couldn’t move from location or dig for an extended period of time. Without the time to return to location and reshoot with better planning, we had to change what we were doing.
  • At this point, came up with a new concept and research question. Filmed a little more footage that stuck to this theme and got into editing what we had with the new footage.
  • The new research question: How can we document the vibe of midnight and the fears that are associated with the night.


  • We were worried at first that because our digging idea failed that we’d really be scraping the bar and not able to pull together something good but we were all pleasantly surprised when we added the sound to our edited footage and it really worked. In the end, we were able to create something that we weren’t expecting our outcome to be, but it was still something we were happy with.



Challenges with filming

  • Okay, so we knew the ground was going to be hard. But it was REALLY hard. Plus we realised once we actually managed to get some purchase in the ground that we were digging over a massive root system.
  • We considered moving location but moving any further forward meant we’d be out of reach of our lighting from the car and the space we were in was the only uninterrupted view we had permission to dig in where we could actually get the car over to.
  • The car also started to run out of petrol way faster than we were expecting it to and we needed it to get back to the house so we had to give up on our main light source and switch to hand held torch light


  • Filmed a lot more abstract, textured stuff when we had to switch to hand held, relatively dim lighting.
  • Filmed some more extra stuff off location to bulk up the footage.


  • The digging looked a lot worse than we thought it would on screen – it was really clear that we weren’t into it.
  • Surprisingly, all the random textured elements that we took ‘just incase’ we needed to throw some things in between digging ended up editing together really nicely and making something completely different. They ended up being the hero of our film shoot.



Challenges with editing

  • We had SO MUCH footage to send to Aaron in Japan to do our initial edit and it was too big to send over the internet.


  • I ended up doing a primary edit – taking about 3 hours down to half an hour of footage that I thought might be useable. I exported this in very low quality so the file size could be sent overseas. When Aaron returned we replaced the low quality file he was working on the edit with a high quality render so it fixed the quality easily and meant Aaron could spend his travel time (flights, etc) working on the video.


  • Adding the sound files to the video took it to a whole new level
  • Slowing things down heaps makes some really creepy sounds

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