Whilst it was initially disappointing that we had to change our idea from the original performance art piece we planned, the final result ended up being something we could be proud of. The main technique we implemented from learning in class was the overlaying and faux-projection editing that we learnt in the second week, which we used to add dimension and interest to our footage. This had the effect we were hoping it would and there were some really interesting overlays we found in our experimenting with footage – such as the flickering ghost, which was actually created overlaying footage where a light was spun around in a dark area, occasionally lighting me up.

When we started the project, as a group, we were very inclined to want to plan things out and not be particularly experimental. Interestingly, this changed a lot when we actually started to film; We had a feeling our planned footage wasn’t working so we ended up doing a bunch of unplanned experiments with different lighting, random movements, and sound making ended. This ended up actually filling the entirety of the film, as our planned footage did actually fail and looked weak on screen. What we ended up producing was nothing like the vision we had planned from the beginning which goes to show how important experimenting and having time to play with footage is.

Techniques we learnt for sound editing in class proved to be very useful. We originally were considering trying to source some audio but then decided to make our own based on the sounds we created from the sounds we created while we were filming. The final edit of our sound (mostly done by slowing things down, but also cutting elements and moving them around + reversing them) actually timed in to our footage really well. It changed the entire mood of the video just by having the audio and it had some really great timed/effective moments where the sound linked up to elements changing on the screen. Sound could almost be considered the most important element of our video as, without it, the film might’ve been much less effective at communicating our concept.

Because we lost a lot of footage, we also lost our main concept . It wasn’t working on screen so we had to change our concept question slightly in order to edit our other footage together under a theme. In the end I think what we created really answered that final question effectively and portrayed a good representation of uncanny/fears of midnight/the dark.


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