Notes on Project 2 (A)

Initially we were stuck on ideas and we didn’t know where to go with brainstorming. This is when we decided to come up with each individually and share it amongst ourselves. Each person returned back to their initial blog post of what a lacuna is. Some group members also had ideas more ideas as well.

In my previous blog post from the other week, I had the idea of focusing on lacuna amnesia but rather not to be cliche. I wanted it be a little more abstract by using abstract colours and visuals to communicate the blind spot in the mind. I had an idea of making it like a a visual analysis of the brain using colours and shapes.

After discussing with the group, we all agreed to go towards more emily’s idea with scary and midnight theme. We were just more concerned on how to produce it without making it tacky and cliche.

When we were creating a question for Project 2 (A), Zoe also pitched a concept on: “The concept of how, in the moment between today and tomorrow, the lines between rational and irrational thought are blurred” and we then created the question: “Create an interpretive film that explores one’s consciousness fluctuating between rational and irrational thought. Think of how you could explore this through a certain framework”

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