Update on Project 2

The plan that we had developed has faced some challenges which caused us to change some of the idea of the concept, filming and editing.


  • People that were to participate in our video had last minute dropped out
  • Out footage was not communicating what we had wanted to communicate
  • We had to think of a new idea last minute and work with what we had between the 3 of us
  • Digging idea was not working as well because we had not planned it as well as we should of – clothing, time (should’ve started from the day entering into dark), location (was too hard), camera charge and time management/constraints
  • The digging also didn’t work out due to the hard ground and if we were to move we wouldn’t have our main lighting from the car which was also losing petrol very fast


  • Began to film our surroundings and making sounds to alter with
  • Spontaneously used material and tools around us as a prop to film
  • We also aimed to get a lot of footage to play with from headshots, background shots that we could later edit when creating out film
  • This led to a completely new concept and research question: How can we document the vibe of midnight and the fears that are associated with the night
  • We began to think abstractly and to use the camera in different ways such as hand held cameras


As we weren’t happy with digging footage due to unexpected occurrences and being unable to reshoot new footage, this led us down another path where we were filming other scenes and materials which would could further develop into. This was surprising as we weren’t too confident within ourselves with this new footage but it had worked out well in the end because of Zoe and Aaron’s editing skills.

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