Over the couple of weeks when brainstorming further into our video, we had stuck by the idea of filming in an uncanny atmosphere and to give a sense of suspense. We wanted to strain away from cliche and we were given the idea of adding humour as that might make people uncomfortable.

People have been organised to participate in our video and come to the event of filming. We plan to record from beginning to end and to be in the dark using lighting from car headlights and hunting lights, adding more effect of the uncanny. The filming is going to be much more experimental and unplanned, as we would be cutting and editing throughout the footage at the end.

ZOES: ‘DIG’ INSTRUCTION PLANdig-instructions.png

Aaron will not be in Australia when the filming will commence but has agreed to go to edit and have some footage taken in Japan. We will send the footage to Aaron from the performance night and he will edit. We will give feedback to Aaron of Aaron’s edit. Aaron will also record footage from Japan and to be projected against the performance piece we will record.

My role within the group will majority be on screen, this will include helping digging and other spontaneous tasks. I will also help operate some footage with the camera as we are having 2 cameras but one that is on a tripod but also taking it from other angles. I also have a little role in helping with the editing of the film, which is primarily more done by Aaron and Zoe as they are much more experienced.

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