Throughout the process of creating our final video from Zeropink, we were quite confused and had a few obstacles to pass through to get to the end. It had taught me a lot that time management is key and group collaboration. Initially we had a different idea and aim for our video and due to the challenges, it left us with a few surprises, which I ended up liking. Lacuna became very clear to me throughout each lesson and process of making the video. It was a lot subtler in our final project, which I slightly preferred rather than showing what the gap in-between was.

Throughout the semester, each lesson we had learnt different techniques we could use for our final performance art piece, and the main techniques that had stuck by us was from overlaying and projection mapping through editing. This heavily helped support the concept and what we were trying to achieve for our final performance art piece. I found that the best footage and editing was through experimentation rather than planning, as when we did plan nothing went the way we wanted it to be and we were left disappointed. This was very strange for us as the group is very structural and organized. Playing with lighting and the camera angles really helped, as well as the atmosphere, sound and movements. We initially wanted that to be more of an element throughout the film, where we wanted to focus mainly on the digging but as the digging did not work out, we made the entire film based on the atmospheric elements supported by the editing and sounds. When we first started editing and we had put the planned footage next to the experimental footage, it looked quite odd and weak. It was tacky and cliché that led us to our final, which was completely different to what, we had imagined in the first place.

The writing process and techniques we had learnt throughout the course, really helped us think about where to start and how to put our ideas out there. We had all come up with ideas separately and shared them around through the group. This was a great process as we were able to critique each other’s ideas and develop it further more. This course was a lot more about collaboration and as some members may have been better at some other things such as editing rather than others but we all shared our opinion on what worked and what did not. Sound editing was also an important technique learnt in class, as it led us not to use an existing sound but rather to make our own and to pay around and edit it. It created a mood and went very well with the footage with timing and the atmosphere.

I also realised throughout this course that even if you plan out everything, sometimes it may not work out and you must have a solution or it might fix itself. This goes with that we had lost our main concept as it wasn’t working well as a whole and the idea wasn’t coming through very well. This led us to recreate our question and I believe our video answered it very well and represented of the uncanny.

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