Evaluation of Progress

Today we had to screen a segment of our film for the tutorial group for feedback leading into the final stages of the production. The feedback we received was a mix of positive and negative feedback. People did not understand the ‘digging’ element of our composition. They thought it was abrupt and done poorly. The ground was extremely hard everywhere on the property. We did not anticipate this and it took us an hour to get as deep as we did. Even still, this was not deep enough and rendered the exercise ineffective. Mel and Ella requested that we shoot the digging scene again but we notified them that with our schedules it would not be possible to reshoot. We assured them that we had plenty of other footage to work with in place of the digging which is consistent with our concept of the documentation of midnight happenings. People did like the abrupt cuts in our edit and the overlaying and variation in opacity of layers.

Peers were enquiring after our intentions for sound, unsure of whether or not we were going to creat sounds for the composition. We had some sounds in the film that did not play aloud today. We intend of generating sound of our own. At the moment, we are considering how deepening the pitch and dragging out the sounds will affect the mood and tone of the visuals. We think this is an appropriate match for the composition.


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