Progression of Project 2

I was absent from the studio today so I wasn’t able to hear people’s feedback in person. I got filled in from Emily, Selin and Zoe that the feedback was both negative and positive. Unfortunately the ‘digging’ concept didn’t communicate well with our fellow peers. The type of shots that we managed to get of the digging didn’t do it justice. The hard grounds and time clashes/availability to get multiple people digging like we first anticipated affected us majorly.

Positives were also drawn from some of the more abstracted shots we took and edited together from that same night. We came to the conclusion to venture away from the ‘dig’ idea and focus purely on the fears associated with midnight. Our peers seemed to enjoy the fast cuts and layering of moving images that we achieved in post production.  We decided as a collective that we would produce an abstracted and eerie film where minimal light is used in contrast to the dark. Sound will also be a major aspect that will generate tension.


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