Participating and experiencing class at 107 Projects gave me the opportunity to not only work with other creatives on a five-minute short film, but also broadened my knowledge of moving image, light and sound design during this process.

The concept of a lacuna was daunting in the early stages of semester for our group, purely due to the endless possibilities and interpretations of what a lacuna was and how this could be communicated in a visually and conceptually captivating way. The experimentation of varied ways of documenting data in tutorial classes made our group more dynamic and directed us to our initial concept.

Zeropink endured various hurdles throughout concept development and video iterations. Our concept for ‘Dig’ didn’t match to our expectations after we had shot video footage and edited its content. While this was initially discouraging, we adapted and altered our next moves accordingly to still be able to produce a piece of work that we were all proud and satisfied with. This process involved re-shooting footage and the use of post production techniques that we learnt in week two’s class. Layers became a prominent aspect of 00:00, where we implemented overlaying and artificial projection mapping to generate a highly concentrated piece of work to capture the essence of midnight. The use of minimal light juxtaposed to darkness played to our advantage using these techniques, where overlays would appear to be almost seamless and ghost-like. We altered opacity levels and speed to create the subtlest, yet uncanny sequences throughout the film.

The production of sound for the final video was also influenced from week seven’s class where we experimented with sound generation. We sampled familiar sounds that could be distorted and manipulated in a way that altered its context, into something unfamiliar and intriguing. Our final soundtrack consisted of humans and animals breathing as well as an instrumental piece that plays with tension. These sounds were warped and slowed down quite dramatically in post production, which again alluded to the mysteries of the night and subconscious mind. It also heightened the element of ‘horror’ through its pacing and interchangeability with the visuals.

Although we had to alter our main concept at a late point in time, I am rather happy with the result and I am thankful for having a group that worked hard towards achieving the best we could and something we are happy to call our own. It captures the essence of our final focus question—the fears of midnight.


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