Research-Project 2A


  • The concept of thresholds and the gap between rational and irrational thought
  • The concept of the gap between one day and the next
  • The concept of how, in the moment between today and tomorrow, the lines between rational and irrational thought are blurred

> Relation to midnight?
> Spooky element?
> Awkwardness


  • A threshold may affect one’s’ consciousness and evolve their emotional and spiritual state of mind. Explore this tension concerning rational and irrational thought in relation to the senses.
  • To what extent is an individual’s threshold affected by the witching hour?
  • Create an interpretive film that explores one’s consciousness fluctuating between rational and irrational thought. Think of how you could explore this through a certain framework.


What we are going to discuss in the presentation

  • Brief question
  • Our response: ideas on framework
  • Research on thresholds
  • Awkwardness
  • How we think we might film it
  • Visual research / examples



A threshold can be linked to chance, leading an individual to an opening of a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something. One’s construction of their Map of Reality will influence their ability to mentally cope in their given environment. It is this fine gap of thought and consciousness that may be a result to one’s awkwardness and irrational thought. Ultimately it is when you have exceeded your personal threshold that you “evolve emotionally and spiritually” and endure dysfunctional feelings and behaviours.

We wish to explore these “liminal states or movements of consciousness” in relation to thresholds in an abstracted short film.  The concept of a lacuna will be visualised through the obscurities of waking and sleep and the consciousness of the night. The film will be executed in a non-linear format that is less defined. This will not only be reflective of the states of hypnagogia that one may possess, but rather the movement of the creative imagination.

Bill Viola visual reference to the boundary/wall between the conscious and subconscious mind:


To create tension in the short film we could shoot in 50 fps (slow motion). Here, the viewer will get the opportunity to focus attention to significant details within the scene that may normally go unnoticed. Fluctuating the pace and speed will also help in heightening an emotional response with the viewer and produce feelings of tautness.

Distortion and glitch techniques could also be employed in post production phases to emphasise a semi-psychedelic and warped reality perception of the individual’s irrational and subconscious mind. Here, the ultimate goal is to leave the audience in a confused state of mind, that blurs the boundaries between reality, sensation and perception.


We were thinking of chanting/whispering to accompany our film. Below is a poem that speaks of the witching hour. We could compile various writings perhaps and play with pacing to create tension.


Witching hour Poem:

As the witching hour approached the witches gather in the ruined stone circle.

The room is full, clouds scudding across her pale face. Candles are lit and placed in a circle and the wine is passed around.

Now the witches start their magic, the intensity of it gaining strength and power.

They cast their magic circle and call up their own Gods and Goddesses to help them with their spells. All in black and purple with silver jewellery glinting in the moonlight, this is the witching hour, a time when the witches are in their element.

Only they understand their magic work that connects them with their magic world of nature.

–Armbrister, N. 2015


See presentation slides below,,



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