Aaron Patterson – Design in Visual Communication

Aaron is a third year UTS Visual Communication student from Sydney, Australia. He is a compassionate and eccentric person who loves capturing the underlying beauty in everyday life. He is fascinated with the interaction of natural light in exterior and interior settings. Aaron’s desire to create for a wider audience has pushed him into many directions of graphic design, photography and film, where he applies experimentation into his practice to spark a sensory response from viewers. Concept driven design motivates Aaron more than anything, where he aspires to design thoughtfully and efficiently. He is an avid vinyl collector, enthusiast for abstracted cyanotype prints, eager to collaborate and meet new people, so shoot him a message!
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Emily Kraljević – Design in Visual Communication

Emily Kraljevic is a 20-year-young Visual Communicator in her final year of study at the University of Technology Sydney. Every project she undertakes is approached with deep conceptual thought processes and the outcome explores the constraints in creative ways, executed with a high level of consideration for every detail. Emily sources inspiration from everything she is exposed to from her collection of vintage postage stamps to recollections of her travels. Emily loves working with diverse media including digital, print, collage and photography. When she cannot arrive at a design solution, Emily resolves her mind by going on a hike or playing the piano.
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Selin Ala – Design in Visual Communication

My name is Selin and I’m youthful and enthusiastic graphic designer and illustrator, who is currently studying Design in Visual Communication at UTS. My house is always messy because of my experimental creative process with paints, pencils and tissue paper scattered everywhere. I have a passion for design and I swoon over brilliant typography and lettering. Often I swap my pencils and paintbrushes for my Wacom tablet and computer when I know what feels right for my design practice. Aiming to produce eye-catching designs, I show this through the mediums I use, abstract methods and humorous ways. In my spare time, I admire the work of other designers, eating and embracing my inner ‘crazy cat lady’.
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Zoe Crocker – Design in Visual Communication

Zoe is a design student studying a little bit of Everything at the University of Technology Sydney, specialising in her two main design passions: illustration and motion graphics. She grew up surrounded by music artistry and creativity, falling in love with the design of theatre at a young age. A distinctive and recognisable art style is part of her brand and she takes pride in her speed of delivering a complete project. Zoe strives to be an all-round designer, studying things from typography to packaging, motion-graphics & illustration to web coding (HTML/CSS). Zoe is a chameleon with the capability to fit most any role within a company whether it  be manual labour, management, designing solo, or designing as one part of a larger team.

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